Repairing a 12' dinghy

The dinghy is the tender to ‘Mutual Friend’ a replica sailing smack belonging to Chris Saunders.
The boat has five floors (or floor timbers); these are structural members that run athwartships across the keel. The function of the floors is to tie the two halves of the boat together.

The construction of this boat is glued clinker plywood. At the ends of three of the floors the plywood had delaminated, possibly due to being stood on whilst sailing, the plywood giving way when stress loaded to the none flexible floor. This problem occurred to the ends of two of the floors on the starboard side, the floor amidships under the thwart and the next floor aft. On the port side the delamination was present at the end of floor immediately forward of the one running amidships.

To resolve this problem the floors were removed, the delaminated ply was epoxy glued back together and then new sapele floors were made and glued in place. These new floors extend up the side of the hull to just below the thwart riser, thus spreading the load and stiffening the hull. The dinghy was then painted and varnished and keel bands fitted to the bilge runners.

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