Mast making

Zephon's mast was in a sorry state. The top was snapped off and the heel of the mast and about three feet up from this was rotten. After a bit of deliberation I decided to make a new one. The mast is 29'6" long and I paid careful attention to ensuring that I could copy this mast as closely as possible. Before disassembling the old mast I made sure that the centre of the mast was clearly marked. I used the centre of the mast as my datum to ensure all fittings would go back in their correct places.

The original mast was a four-piece box section. This tapered fore and aft and athwartships. The new mast is made from close-grained Columbian pine (it's actually left over deck timber from the recently restored Brixham sailing trawler Pilgrim's new deck) and is a two-piece hollow mast. The mast is glued together using resorcinol.

When making this mast I was lucky enough to be able to use Butler & Co's Slipway shed with its 30' bench. I spent time ensuring this bench was absolutely straight and true. I used a laser level as an aid to the levelling process. It is impossible to make a straight mast unless you have a flat and level bench as when you glue the mast together any unfairness in the bench will be built into the mast.

Please see my blog for full details and pictures of the mast making process.

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