Building Defiant of Lyme Regis

13' pilot cutter’s rowing punt: Defiant of Lyme Regis

Pilot Cutter rowing punts were carried on the portside deck of Pilot Cutters and used to ferry the Pilot from the cutter to the inbound vessel.

The shipwright, boat and ship model maker Malcolm Darch drew the lines for this boat back in the 1980’s and with Malcolm’s permission I obtained these lines from his book Modelling Maritime History (1988).

From these lines a table of offsets were made and the boat was lofted and then built. Defiant is constructed of larch on oak and she is copper and silicon bronze fastened. Due to her hull form, Defiant rows extremely well. She tracks beautifully through the water and is very stable and should manage well in a seaway. She will provide many years of happy service and like all fine things, provided she is properly cared for, will age beautifully.

References: Darch, Malcolm (1988), Modelling Maritime History: a guide to the research and construction of authentic historic ship models, published by David and Charles, Pomfret, Vermont, USA.

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